The Multitube

October 18, 2008

We also considered building a new invention that can make something that can be used for many things. Just like a vending machine, you can pick a drink depends on your choice just by using one machine. I think its kind of good creation.

Do you ever think to make a perfume, disinfectant spray, and bayfresh combined together? Just like a pen with 4 different colors. You can pick what color you want just by clicking. This tube that we want to create will be the same way. By just using one tube, you can pick 3 different sprays just by clicking. If you want to kill some germ in the room, just click the button of disinfectant spray and its ready to use. It’s easy to use for everybody and it also reduces the space of your room though.

We think this new invention can help people. When we make this invention, we decided to call this invention The Multitube.


An apartment for a tree?

October 18, 2008

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We think we had a new idea to make a new invention. Today, I remember that people in the world needs oxygen to live. But let we see the condition of the world right now. We know that the issue of global warming had shocked our mind. We also know that the ozone has cracked because of our technology has polluted the air. Maybe this idea will give the human the better future.

Do you know exactly why people built the apartment? It’s maybe because our population has increased greatly from year to year. It also became our demand to get a better place to live. But you know that plant also need some place to live too. They also need soil to keep living and keep producing the oxygen. Maybe our demand has cause plant to sacrifice their self for our needs. Did you realize that human should respect the nature more? Did you realize that human and nature should work together to keep living?

I think we human should build a home for a plant. Just like an apartment for human, we can reduce the lawn by build an apartment for a plant. Just build a green house with floors. This plant apartment also should use automatic watering machine in each floors. By build an apartment, people can still live by building in the lawn. The plant also can still live by using that apartment. An apartment also can be build anywhere.

I think human has the responsibility to take care of the plant. It’s true that human should gather the resource from them but not to over use it. By building this kind of apartment, both human and nature can live together too.

Hello world!

October 18, 2008

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